Bingo Blingo Review

Bingo Blingo - Facebook We visited Facebook at the beginning of January 2015 but were unable to find the app that this review relates to on Facebook. We believe that it is no longer available on the social media site but is available on iTunes and Google Play. This review is for information purposes only.

Bingo Blingo is a Facebook bingo app that currently has more than 400,000 monthly active users. With so many free bingo games being offered on Facebook these days, we often find that some are named very similarly and in this case it would be very easy to  confuse Bingo Blingo with another called Blingo! They are both very different and are not connected in any way.

This Facebook bingo app offers plenty to keep players amused. Lots of special features and daily tournaments will keep your interest in the game whilst you work your way through the room achievements and increase your experience points (XP).

A basic help section is available at Bingo Blingo to help get you started with a reasonable amount of understanding, but like most Facebook bingo apps, you do have to find your own way around to a certain degree.

Bingo Blingo was found to be a very smooth running game and there were no obvious signs of hanging or stalling, so you can be sure that your experience when you play this Facebook bingo app should be relatively trouble free and enjoyable.

Bingo Blingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

Like most bingo games, the object of Bingo Blingo is to get Bingo and here it works in the way that you would expect so there are no confusing surprises here that you do sometimes find with these types of games.

When you enter the lobby you will find a series of rooms to choose from and you can scroll through them by using the left and right arrows. However, there will only be one room available at Bingo Blingo to start with. You need to earn XP and complete room achievements to open up more and each room will tell you what level you need to be at to unlock it.

Gold Room is where every Bingo Blingo player starts and you just need to click ‘PLAY’ to enter. Once in the room you have a choice on how many cards to purchase. Click on your choice and wait for the next Bingo Blingo game to start. While you are waiting, it would be a good idea to look through the instructions on how to play. This can be found by clicking on the question mark symbol to the top right of your screen. Also make yourself familiar with the screen before the bingo game starts. When playing Bingo Blingo, you will need to mark your cards and call bingo manually if you win, so with so much to do it is a good idea to make sure you know where everything is, such as the button to call bingo and the ‘Power Up’ button.

Once the game starts, you just need to mark off any numbers called on your cards by clicking on any matching numbers. With Bingo Blingo there is always more than one winner and how many there will be for any one game is displayed at the top left above the bingo call board. You will need to get a line in any direction or all four corners to win and can claim your prize by clicking on the ‘Bingo’ button below the winning card. Remember a false call means a Bad Bingo and will result in you losing any rewards you have collected in the game on that particular card. Remember to keep your eye on the Power Up level. As soon as it is fully charged, click on it to use a random Power Up. This will help you to get bingo and it will start to recharge again, meaning that you can use it several times in a game.

Special Features

There are special features available at Bingo Blingo and these are great fun to use. Power Ups help you to get Bingo and climb through the levels more quickly. The ability to invite your Facebook friends is another feature that is common with Facebook bingo apps. You can also buy achievements in the store and send them to your friends to help them along and of course, they can do the same for you. Your friends are classed as your team and the more you have the more rewards you can earn.

Chat is also available at Bingo Blingo allowing you to communicate with other player and your friends while you play. The Chat window is located to the right of the room.


There is an active Daily Tournaments at Bingo Blingo and you can play five round each day. Just taking part in this tournament will earn you a prize.


At Bingo Blingo, rewards are plentiful. However, than can take a little time to get your head around them all. Each number that you mark off a bingo card will earn you XP and if you mark one off with a Power Up symbol, this will charge your Power Up bar.

Winning bingo will earn you Bingo Tickets which are used to buy your bingo tickets. You will also earn coins by playing as well as XP and the amount that you get will depend on how many people you have in your team and how well they are doing. You need tickets to play Bingo Blingo and coins are used in the Store. You need XP to progress through the levels and a pop up will appear at the end of each game telling you what you have earned including any achievements, so you will always know how well you are progressing.

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