Bingo Battle Review

Bingo Battle - Facebook We visited Facebook at the beginning of January 2015 but were unable to find the app that this review relates to on Facebook. We believe that it is no longer available on the social media site but is available on iTunes. This review is for information purposes only.

Bingo Battle is a simple Facebook bingo app that has around 100 monthly active users. Although bingo is said to be game of luck, with Bingo Battle an element of skill is needed to create your own luck. You will see that this Facebook bingo app offers other games for you play too but Bingo Battle is what we are interested in here. However, if you find yourself hooked on this game, then you may want to give the others a try too.

When you load the game you will see that there is a help button that will take you to extensive instructions on how start playing Bingo Battle. You can also choose your difficulty level but you would probably be better off choosing the easy option until you have played this Facebook bingo app a few times.

Bingo Battle loads smoothly and no problems with stalling or hanging were experienced.

Bingo Battle Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

When you have chosen your difficulty level simply click play and you will enter the Bingo Battle game. You will see two red bingo cards and two blue bingo cards. The red cards are yours and the blue are the computers, which you will be battling with on each game that you play. The bingo calls will begin immediately but if you are not quite ready a pause button on the bottom right will allow you to stop the game until you ready to play.

To the left and right will be a score card for each player which reads ‘0 of 8’ when you first start you bingo gameplay. Bingo Battle will require you to call bingo on eight separate lines to win but you must beat the computer to do this. Wait for the balls to be called and if you have a number on either of your two Battle Bingo cards, click on the number on your card to cover it. This is where the skill is required as your opponent may need the same bingo number too and it will be the first to click on the number on their bingo card who will get it. Used bingo numbers are returned to the pot so could be called again, those that are not used are placed on the bingo board.

Each time that you get a line, click on the bingo button and your line will be recorded and a score awarded. Multiple lines on one call will give you more points. When you call bingo on a line the numbers on the winning line will be taken away and you are free to mark those numbers again if they are called. The first Bingo Battle player to bingo on eight lines will win.

Special Features

As Bingo Battle is a simple game you will see that there are no special features or tasks to achieve to help you progress in the game. This Facebook bingo app is a simple head to head battle.


There are no active tournaments currently offered by this Facebook bingo app, but this could be subject to change at any time. However,  Bingo Battle against the computer could be challenging enough for most players.


There are no rewards of virtual money offered by Bingo Battle but as previously stated you will be scored for each bingo that you call and this will depend on how many lines are called with each call. High scorers are offered the opportunity to register their score on the leader board. As you can also invite your friends to play, why not compete against them and see how many can get on the board and who can get the highest score?

Bingo Battle Review – Game In Play

To view the Bingo Battle game in play on Facebook simply click the image below:

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