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Bingo Bash is a Facebook bingo app that works on the theory of visiting the Seven Wonders of the World. As you progress through the levels and you will have target levels to unlock the different wonders. There are just over 12,000 monthly active users of this game, so it is already one of the more popular bingo apps on Facebook. You will find that there are two version of this application, Bingo Bash Old and Bingo Bash and we are talking about the latter.

When you begin to play Bingo Bash, you will begin by exploring the Spynx and in the lobby you will find a helpful tutorial to help you get started. The great news is that chat is offered in the rooms at Bingo Bash which is always a hit with any Facebook bingo app.

Each bingo game at Bingo Bash gives you 13 different ways to win and you can purchase up to four cards for each game. These are the basics of Bingo Bash and this along with actually playing the game, is what will be shown in the tutorial.

Although Bingo Bash loads well and doesn’t appear to stall, we did find that on quite a few occasions we got disconnected from the game, which was very annoying. Hopefully this is not a regular occurrence and these kinds of disruptions will be minimal.

Bingo Bash Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

As with any bingo game whether on Facebook or anywhere else, the object of the game is to get bingo. When you enter a bingo room, select how many cards you want to buy and wait for the next for the next game to begin. Bingo Bash does require you to mark your own cards and also make a claim should you get bingo, so it is always a good idea to start with one or two cards until you have got used to how the games play.

The ways in which you can get bingo will be displayed in the room and in the top right corner you will see a green square. This will give you the name of the room, the amount of cards in total being played and the number of players. You will also see a figure for the number of bingos left. Bingo Bash allows more than one winner on their games and this is the amount of winners there will be for any particular game. As claims are made, this figure counts down until all the permitted winners have claimed bingo.

Bingo Bash is a Facebook bingo app that issues power ups to help you along. The power up symbol is show at the top right above the bingo call card, simply click on it to activate.

Special Features

Special features are plentiful at Bingo Bash and those that will be most valuable will probably be the power ups. The give you a little boost during your bingo game and the power up symbol will flash and tell you when and what is available to you. Some can add a money symbol to your game card which means if you mark of a number with a money symbol on it you will get a reward of extra coins. Some will put extra gems onto your card which you can win in the same way. But there are many other extra that you can get from power ups at Bingo Bash too.

Inviting your friends to play with you at Bingo Bash means that you can send each other gifts to help each of you along. These can chips, gems or power ups, to name just a few.


As far as we can see, Bingo Bash does not currently offer any tournaments, but you are able to invite your Facebook Friends to play with you, as you can with many Facebook bingo apps.


Bingo chips are what you need to buy your tickets at Bingo Bash. You can win these as well as coins when you get bingo and what you have won will be displayed at the bottom of the page. As you collect gems along the way, Bingo Bash will add these to your Gem Inventory. In the lobby at the bottom right you will see a symbol called Gem Pattern. Clicking on this will take you to your inventory and you can exchange a collection of gems for coins and chips.

Bingo Bash will also reward you with a coins bonus if you visit this Facebook bingo app each day. Go to the store and you can purchase items with your coins. Complete a collection and Bingo Bash will reward you with chips. You can also use your coins to purchase extra power ups which will help you to increase your experience and open up new wonders much quicker. You can also convert your coins into chips from here too, so if you are running short on chips and want to keep playing at Bingo Bash, there are plenty of ways to get the chips that you need.

Bingo Bash Review – Game In Play

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