Bingo Adventure Review

Bingo Adventure A recent visit to Facebook and a look for the Bingo Adventure App revealed it to be no longer available. The associated page has not been updated since November 2012. This review is now for information purposes only.

Bingo Adventure is a Facebook bingo app that has been developed by, one of the most prominent gaming portals worldwide. There are just over 113,000 active monthly users of Bingo Adventure, making in one of the most popular Facebook bingo apps. This is a bingo game that will take you travelling all around the world, in the virtual sense of course and the on screen prompts will help to get you off to a cracking start.

Once you have completed your first game with the help of the tutorial, you will then move up a level and this will then allow you a choice of rooms to play in. Bingo Adventure runs very smoothly and shows no signs of stalling making your gaming experience much more enjoyable.

Bingo Adventure Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

The object of Bingo Adventure is of course to get bingo to win. Click on the button under your bingo cards to purchase using the virtually currency adopted by this Facebook bingo app. What you need to do to get bingo will be clearly displayed on the left. Simply be the first to get bingo and win the game pot, which will also be displayed on the left, under the details of the pattern required to get bingo. The jackpot can be won by getting bingo within the specified number of calls.

Each bingo card that you buy will increase your experience and get you moving though the levels. As you climb through the levels, Bingo Adventure will open up more rooms for you to play in and you will also be able to buy more bingo tickets in each of the games. Bingo Adventure marks your cards automatically so there is no need to worry about managing to mark cards yourself and claiming a win is also automatic.

Special Features

Achieving bingo at Bingo Adventure is done in the normal way and there are no special features to help you achieve this more quickly as there can be with some other Facebook Bingo apps. With Bingo Adventure is it all down to luck as with any normal bingo game.

Chat is available at Bingo Adventure, so you can invite your Facebook friends to join you and chat to them while you play. You can also send virtual gifts to them with this Facebook bingo app, and also to yourself if you are feeling a little left out.


Bingo Adventure does not offer tournaments to their players, but you can still have fun playing against your friends with this Facebook bingo app.


There are plenty of rewards offered by Bingo Adventure, most of which come from moving up through the levels. However, you can’t play bingo here without credits. You need these with this Facebook bingo app to buy your bingo cards, but you also win them when you get bingo. You will also receive free daily credits with Bingo Adventure and will also be extra credits awarded each time that you reach a new level.

Each time that you receive a gift you will also get a boost in your experience, which will help you get closer to the next level. Sending gifts to your friends at Bingo Adventure will cost you credits which of course you also use to buy your bingo cards so be sure not to use those all up sending gifts. You will earn more experience by playing bingo than you will sending gifts, which will see you rise through the levels much more quickly. The higher the level you are on at Bingo Adventure, the more rooms and rewards are available to you.

Bingo Adventure Review – Game In Play

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