Big City Bingo Review


Big City Bingo plays in a way that many bingo fans are used to. With more than 100,000 active monthly users this is a very popular Facebook app and it really isn’t too difficult to see why. This is a bingo app that is fairly simple in operation compared to some, but this simplicity means that learning how Big City Bingo works is not as daunting prospect as more complex bingo apps can be.

The games run smoothly, however, you will need to make sure that adobe flash player is updated regularly for ensure the games load. There are no online instructions for playing Big City Bingo but a compiled list of frequently asked questions is enough to give you answers to question you may not be able to work out for yourself.

Big City Bingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

Obviously the aim is to get bingo but of course how this can be achieved can vary between bingo applications. The Big City Bingo lobby is laid out very effectively giving you information on each room such as, the amount of players in each room, how long until the next game begins, the ticket price and the type of game to name just a few. This makes it easy for you to choose a room to play in at Big City Bingo that suits you best.

When you enter a room at Big City Bingo, you will see the top left hand corner tells you what you need to do to get bingo. With both 90 and 75 ball being offered, this will depend on the type of game you are playing. Cards are auto daubed and all wins are auto claimed which means you have no need to worry about how many cards you buy and whether you can manage to mark them all or if you risk missing a claim. This app uses virtual coins as their currency and you use these to buy your bingo cards and win them if you get bingo. The prizes available in each room if you get bingo will also be displayed.

Special Features

The more that you play at Big City Bingo, the higher your experience level will climb which will open up certain benefits as your level climbs higher and higher. As well as being able to chat in the rooms, you also have the option to play mini games, giving you another way to increase your virtual money, but as with any game, you can lose it too.

In the lobby you will find you have two tabs which the bingo rooms are listed under. Fun chat offers both 90 ball and 75 ball bingo played in the most popular way. Turbo offers 75 ball bingo games playing small patterns which mean bingo is achieved quickly. Great for those who like to play fast and furious games.


Big City Bingo does not offer active tournaments, but this does not in any way take any enjoyment away from playing this bingo application. As with most games, you can invite your friends to play and those who usethis Facebook bingo app will be listed and placed by their experience, so you can compete against each other to get first place. You can also send each other gifts, so if your friends and running short of virtual currency, you are able to help them get back on track.


Coins which you use to play with at Big City Bingo can be gained in several ways. You can win them on bingo and mini games but you also get awarded them for free on each day that you visit the application. You can also purchase them or earn them and the ways to do this are featured on click buttons in the lobby.

You will also find that you accumulate diamonds as you play which can be used to purchase gifts. You will also receive these free for each day that you visit the application but like coins, you can also purchase them.

Big City Bingo Review – Game In Play

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