Best Casino Review

Best Casino is a Facebook bingo app that offers more than just bingo games. Aptly named, Best Casino you will find that you get the best of everything here and with over a million monthly users this has to be one of the most popular applications on Facebook that offers free bingo games and much more. Obviously the name says it all here and as expected there are a wide variety of casino games to play but we are reviewing the bingo game.

This Facebook bingo app, loaded smoothly and the games played well without any stalling or hiccups, so you can be sure that you can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience at Best Casino and interruptions to games will be minimal.

Best Casino Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

When you load Best Casino you will be taken to the casino lobby. It is from here that you select the kind of game that you want to play and in this case it would be bingo. Unfortunately there is no guide on how to play available for this Facebook bingo app so it is very much a case of finding your way around. For those people who are avid bingo fans this shouldn’t be a problem as you will know how internet bingo works.

Once you have clicked on bingo there will be a click through menu showing the cost per card and using the left and right arrows you can scroll through to pick a game at the price that suits you best. Once you enter the room you have chosen at Best Casino simply select the number of cards you wish to buy and wait for the game to start. You will see that to the left shows what you need to do to get bingo, the calls and the number of winners that the game allows and this will count down as more players get bingo. The prize money for the 1st second and third player who gets bingo will be displayed at the bottom of the page. All cards need to marked manually for the bingo gameplay at Best Casino and claimed manually and you will need to click the bingo button on the bottom of the winning bingo card to win once you have covered what is required on any of your cards.

You will also be able to get extra coins if you mark off a number on any of your bingo cards that has a money symbol on it so look out for those and make sure that you don’t miss them.

Special Features

There are no special features at Best Casino to help you achieve bingo any quicker. As always it is simply a game of luck here but as with most Facebook bingo apps the ability to invite for friends to play, chat and send gifts are all part of the features you would expect to find. Toward the bottom left of your bingo room you will see a gift box. Clicking on this will take you to the shop where you purchase some treats for yourself.


There are lots of things going on at Best Casino and by visiting their wall on a regular basis, you will be able to keep yourself up to date with any special offers that may be available. However, the events button at the top of the lobby will give you a list of competitions and challenges that are coming your way.


Like most Facebook bingo apps, you will get rewarded for lots of activities at Best Casino. The currency used is sometimes referred to as coins or chips and your balance is displayed at the top left in gold writing using the $ sign. Click on the ‘more coins’ button to find out ways to get more if you are running low. The Four Leaf Clover symbol indicates the Lucky Coins that you have. Hover your mouse over the symbol to find out how to get them and what they are for. Next to this symbol you will find a Gold Cup which is the symbol for achievements at Best Casino. Again hovering your mouse over this will give you the details on how to get achievements and the benefits. Finally, you gain experience at this Facebook bingo app with everything that you do and you can keep track of your progress by hovering your mouse of the star symbol, which will also give you details of this feature and the rewards you get as you climb through the experience levels.

All of these symbols can be found from left to right at the top of your page both in the lobby and the bingo rooms at Best Casino.

For every hour that you stay on Best Casino a free scratch card will become available that gives you that chance to win some extra prizes. You will be alerted when this is available to you.

Best Casino Review – Game In Play

To view a demo of Best Casino in play simply click the image below.

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