BamBam Bingo Review


BamBam Bingo is currently in Beta. This means that the game is still being developed and tested but does not mean that you can expect a poor gaming experience. The developers of this Facebook bingo app will continue to improve BamBam Bingo by adding new features as and when they become available, meaning that the game will only get better over time.

There are currently around 40,000 monthly active users of BamBam Bingo which is very impressive at this early stage. Offering the popular 75 ball version of bingo, BamBam Bingo has all the foundations it need to potentially become one of the most popular Facebook bingo apps available.

There are no instructions available to help you get started at BamBam Bingo and while some might find this a little annoying, finding your own way around is obviously not that difficult considering the high number of players this Facebook bingo app already has.

Despite being in Beta testing, BamBam Bingo proved to be a reliable and smooth running game and showed no signs of any bugs that may spoil the bingo games.

BamBam Bingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

As with all bingo games, the object of BamBam Bingo is to get bingo. When you enter a room, select the number of bingo cards you would like to play and wait for the game to begin.

There are usually three chances to win with each game here, but not always. The first is usually achieved by covering a line on one bingo card in any direction. The second chance to win is by covering a pattern which will be indicated to the top left of your bingo cards. Finally, a third chance to win comes with marking off every number on a bingo card. Claims are automatic so you don’t need to worry about missing out on a win. The prizes for each win on a game at BamBam Bingo are also indicated to the top left of your bingo cards.

You are required to mark the numbers off your bingo cards manually. When a number called matches one on any of your cards, simply click on that number on the corresponding card to mark it off. Marking a number off before the next number is called will see you rewarded with a clock, so sometimes more cards can mean you will not be able to mark the numbers off in time and will miss out on this reward. It is a good idea to try different things to see if you actually get rewarded better by having fewer cards and marking more numbers off quickly.

Special Features

This is the area where you need to play around a little and find your way around this Facebook bingo app. The absence of a guide on how to play means that the many special features available at BamBam bingo are not that obvious but it doesn’t take too long to learn the basics.

Each time you mark a number off any of your cards you will be rewarded with Clocks and Experience Points (XP). Both of these will raise your level and open up new rooms and features. After each bingo game you will also get a game analysis pop up which tells you all of the rewards you have earned for that game. Sometimes you will get a special prize, so look out for those.

Power Keys will bring extra features. Hover your mouse over the Power Key symbol at the top left of your cards to find out how to use them.

Chat is available at BamBam Bingo so you are able to invite your Facebook friends to play bingo with you and chat with them at the same time. Smilies used in chat also give sounds but can be turned off if required by going into the settings option. Here you will also find other ways that you can tailor the game in a way that suits you.

You are also able to play other games at BamBam Bingo, a feature that isn’t always available with Facebook Bingo apps. The tabs for these can be found on the left above the chat box.

BamBam Bingo also has a store where you can buy gifts for your friends and request them too. You can also convert credits into coins to purchase your bingo cards with here if you are running a bit low, as well as other exciting features.

Remember that BamBam Bingo is currently in Beta, so features can be added or changed at any time and you will need to keep your eyes open for these.


There does appear to be a running tournament available at BamBam Bingo but how it actually works is not clear. Below your bingo cards are three tabs all of which are self explanatory but due to the fact that this Facebook bingo app is still in Beta, could mean that the tournament is not yet fully functional. All should become clear as you continue to play.


The rewards with each bingo game can include credits, which are used to convert into coins to purchase your bingo cards. Items for collections are sometimes rewarded and completing collections will earn you an extra reward. Coins, clocks and XP are all part of the rewards package at BamBam Bingo, so the more you play the more you earn.

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