Azuana Bingo 2 Review


Azuana Bingo 2 is a Facebook Bingo app that has been developed by Azuana Entertainment. Not one of the most popular Facebook Bingo apps available with just over 3,000 month active users, but this game one particular exciting feature and we feel sure that it won’t be long before it becomes one of the most popular Facebook bingo apps. There is a help tab once in the bingo rooms which will give you a list of FAQ’s which will hopefully answer any queries you may have.

There are a multitude of bingo rooms for you enjoy at Azuana Bingo 2 and you are even able to create your own rooms to play in, which seems to be a trademark with this developer as they also offer this with some of their other bingo games. You will see on the wall of this application that users have left some excellent reviews on this game, which makes it even harder to understand why Azuana Bingo 2 is not more popular.  In fact, when you load the game and enter the lobby you will see a message on your screen telling you that Azuana Bingo 2 has been nominated as Game of the Year.

This game is very reliable to load and play and does not show any obvious signs of stalling, meaning that the experience you have when you play Azuana Bingo 2 will be second to none.

This Facebook bingo app does have a little way to go to catch up with some of the favourite Facebook Bingo apps, but the potential is there and the element of individuality that Azuana Bingo 2 offers is likely to draw players back to see how this Facebook bingo app is developing.

Azuana Bingo 2 Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

The lobby that greets you on this Facebook bingo app is different from any other that you may have come across, not only can you just play a game of bingo by opting to play a quick game. But you can also choose your choice of difficulty level. You can create your own room and invite any of your friends who play Azuana bingo 2 to play in your room. Or you can search for a room that has maybe been created by a friend and play in there or just pick any random players room. The choice is all yours with this Facebook bingo app.

However you choose to play at Azuana Bingo 2, the layout of the room will be the same. You will need to daub your own cards and you will need to claim bingo yourself. The levels of difficulty refer to the number of cards you will have, so choose carefully and don’t take on more that you can handle as there is a lot for you to do with this Facebook bingo app.

Achieving bingo is just like any other bingo game at Azuana Bingo 2. There will be a diagram of what you need to cover to get bingo, how much virtual money you have and the call board also shows. At the bottom of the room at Azuana Bingo 2 you will see a series of tabs. From here you can enter chat, change your settings, view players and friends as well as rankings.

Special Features

There are no special features to help achieving bingo any quicker or easier at Azuana Bingo 2, but the most unique feature offered by this Facebook bingo app is the ability to create your own bingo room.


There are no active tournaments available at Azuana Bingo 2 at the moment, but developers add new features all of the time and it is always worth keeping your eye open to see if there are any upgrades to this Facebook bingo app.


If you achieve bingo, you will be rewarded with Azuana Bucks. You do not need to use these to purchase your bingo cards as Azuana Bingo is one of the few Facebook bingo apps where cards are free. Azuana Bucks are purely to show off to your friends but the developers are currently considering adding items for you to buy using the virtual currency.

Azuana Bingo 2 Review – Game In Play

Whilst making the demo video we have to admit to getting rather bored with the game and finishing the video before the game had ended. If you wish to view the clip simply click the image below.

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