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Avatingo launched in July 2011 and already has more than 30,000 monthly active users to date. This Facebook bingo app originally launched in Beta testing so it was expected that many changes would be made to Avatingo within the first few months which will only enhance the enjoyment that you have when you play Avatingo. We can reveal that Avatingo has already made many enhancements.

The fact that despite this, it is still in Beta testing mean there can only be more to some and we will of course update this review on a regular basis to ensure that you receive the most up to date information regarding this Facebook bingo app at all times.

Despite Avatingo still being in Beta testing, we are pleased that the little bugs you normally would expect to find are very few and far between. In fact, we have not come across anything that would give any cause for concern at this stage so it seems that the developers of Avatingo have already got a firm grip on this Facebook bingo app.

The application loads smoothly and does not appear to stall, which shows that the developers seem to really know what they are doing when it comes to Avatingo. In all, we think this Facebook bingo app has got amazing potential to be the next big Facebook bingo app and the fact that in just a few months the monthly active users have climbed to more than 30,000 is a great sign and can only be expected to rise further.

Avatingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

When you first visit Avatingo, you will be asked to firstly choose you username, much like you would when you join a pay to play bingo site. This app will then ask you to choose and a look. This is what many of you may call an avatar. You build your own face by choosing lip shape and colour, eye shape and colour etc. The page on which this is done at Avatingo is self explanatory and very easy to use. When you are done, simply click confirm and you are on your way to play Avatingo.

Avatingo greets you with a lobby with a choice of games to choose from. A list of slots are the main focus in the lobby but at the bottom of the page are the bingo games available at Avatingo. Choose from Speed Bingo, 90 ball or 75 ball bingo, whichever your prefer. The main focus of the Avatingo lobby will then be on the type of bingo game that you have chosen and a full list of rooms will be available for you to choose from that offer your choice of game. Alternatively, click on the Tingo Town and you will be greeted with a 3D town offering and an immediate sense of fun that surrounds this Facebook bingo app. The buildings represent bingo rooms and many other things. There is a Clothes Store on this Facebook bingo app where you can go and restyle yourself. A Gift Shop also features where you can buy yourself something special or even something for one of your Avatingo friends. The Country Club offers 75 ball bingo as does the Fire Station whilst the Town Hall offers Speed Bingo, but you need to be at certain XP levels to use some of the rooms. The Coffee Shop is where you need to head for 90 ball bingo games and like the others, you will need to be at a certain XP level to unlock further rooms. The Avatingo Pleasure Pier offers a variety of raffle games for you to take part in.

When you enter any of the buildings you will be greeted by a host. Click on then and they will give you a list of games currently playing.  This list from Avatingo includes all of the information you would expect to find such number of players, card price, game type and prize.We chose the Sprinkles room in the Coffee Shop to play a game and a pop up informing us of how many XP points would be earned by marking cards manually immediately appeared on entering.

There is chat available at Avatingo and this will be on the right of your room. Below is a button which will allow you to send chat room gifts. Above the chat room box is a series of buttons these include the ‘more button which includes settings. This allows you to personalise how you want to play Avatingo. You can change alerts, sounds and dabber settings. However, you will need to buy special dabbers from the Gift Shop which will give you extra XP if you use them in manual dab rooms. Another button with take you to ‘my stuff’ and the play button will take you back to the Avatingo lobby. The button with the green arrow pointing left will take you back to the main Avatingo town area and there is also a button which will allow you to change your look while you are in a bingo room.  The button with the red book will display your Avatingo account details and history.

To the left of the Avatingo chat window is the area to buy your bingo tickets, this is very self explanatory and easy to use. Next on the left is where your Avatingo bingo cards are displayed and on the far left are all of the game details for this Facebook bingo app. These include the pattern or lines etc that you need to get bingo depending on whether it is a 90 ball or 75 all room, the game prize as well as a window telling you which Avatingo players are currently online.

Special Features

There are no special features with this Facebook bingo app that will help you achieve bingo an easier, but the many features that Avatingo has will become apparent as the game becomes more popular and development of the game continues.


There are no active tournaments available at Avatingo at present, but this not something you would expect with a Facebook bingo app that is still in Beta testing. However, keep checking back as you never know what will be coming in the future.


Rewards are plenty at Avatingo. You use Tingos’ to buy your cards and you win them on bingo. You can also use them to buy items to change your avatar and play slot games too.You also get rewarded with Experience Points (XP) the more you play which opens up more features. The gift shop also allows you to buy not just virtual gifts but Tingos too. So if an Avatingo friend is running low, you can reward them with a top up.

Avatingo Review – Creating Your Avatar

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