3am Bingo Review

3am Bingo - Facebook In January 2015 when we tried to check the 3am Bingo app we were continually met with a ‘Connection Timed Out’ notice. It could be that the app is no longer available so the review below is for information purposes only.

3am Bingo is a Facebook bingo app that is brought to you by the well known pay to play bingo site, Mirror Bingo. You could be forgiven for expecting such a well known brand to offer the ultimate free bingo experience with this application and we are pleased to say that you will not be disappointed.

Chat is offered at 3am Bingo which is great for those people who enjoy the social aspect of the game and you will also find that there is an extensive guide in the FAQ section on how to play 3am Bingo. As Facebook bingo apps can sometime be a little complicated to learn with all the little quirks and extra feature, this is always a useful and welcome tool to have when you first begin to play a new Facebook bingo app.

3am Bingo obviously has the benefit of the brains behind the successful bingo site Mirror Bingo so this means that a very well designed free bingo experience awaits you. Reliability is also a key factor and the experience behind this application mean that it is reliable and smooth running.

On entering the lobby, you will be greeted with a list of bingo rooms to choose from. All of the information that you would hope to find to make an informed choice of which one to play in is there. Number of players, cost per bingo card, prize money and type of bingo game. 3am bingo offers both 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo which are the two most popular types of online bingo today.

Whichever game you choose to play both 75 and 90 ball bingo games generally pay out for one and two lines as well as a full house win but exactly what you are playing for in any game will be shown below the bingo call card in each room.

Unlike most 75 ball bingo games, two winning lines on 75 ball bingo can be in any direction at 3am Bingo. So you could win if you complete one line horizontally and another diagonally or vertically on the same card. If this is not something you are used it can take a while to get used to, but there is no need to worry about missing a claim. 3am bingo will auto mark and auto sort your bingo cards as well as claim for you.

Enter the room of your choice, buy the amount of bingo cards you choose and wait for the game to start. When a bingo game ends a pop up will appear telling you what you have won and how much and you will need to click on icons to claim your winnings and Fame Points.

3am Bingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Special Features

Avatars are a great way of expressing yourself and you can create your own look at 3am Bingo. In the Lobby, click on the ‘My Pad’ link and this will take you to the area that you need. However, choices will be limited to start with as you need to earn the ability to change some features. To do this you will need to rise through the levels by gaining Fame, Popularity and Generosity. Fame is increased from VIP meets and more information on this can be found in the FAQ section. You can increase your Popularity at 3am Bingo when you receive gifts and increase your Generosity by sending gifts, so the two go hand in hand. The more gifts that you send the more you are likely to receive. You can check your current status at any time by clicking on the ‘Info’ button below the Star meter.

Chat is also a great feature for any bingo game and at 3am bingo the chat feature also has Smilies for you to use as well as the usual WTG, GL and TY buttons.


3am Bingo does not appear to offer any active tournaments at this time. However, everything that is going on at both 3am Bingo and Mirror Bingo is listed on the Fan Page and there is a £250 free prize draw to enter each week. So with all of this going on, the lack of tournaments isn’t really an issue here.


Rewards are plentiful at 3am Bingo. Cash is rewarded as you climb the levels and you can find out what Cash is used for in the FAQ section. You can also use Facebook Credits to buy more Cash if you need to.

Coins are rewarded as a daily bonus when you log in each day and the more Facebook friends that join you at 3am Bingo the bigger your rewards. Coins are also won at bingo and you need to use them to purchase your bingo cards.

Other rewards that are featured are obviously those that you need to climb the levels. Fame, Popularity and Generosity. Climbing through these levels will also reward you with extra features. Again, how to get these is also listed in the FAQ section.

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