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123 Bingo - Facebook In January 2015 when we tried to check the 123 Bingo app we were unable to connect. The following details are for information purposes only.


123 Bingo is a Facebook bingo app that will have a familiar ring to it. Developed by 123 Bingo who also operate the pay to play online site, 123 Bingo online. There are only just over 700 monthly active users at the moment but once players begin to experience this Facebook bingo app, we could see this begin to rise. When loading the application you will be given the option to create your alias or you can skip this and move on to playing 123 Bingo.

Once you get to the lobby there is a host of information at your disposal from the Facebook bingo app, including an all important how to play section to help get you started. The earn credits section will also be very helpful, you need credits to purchase your cards at 123 Bingo and this will give you all the information you need to help you earn as many credits as possible. In all 123 Bingo is one Facebook bingo app that makes sure the instructions are there for you, meaning that the amount of time you have to spend finding out how to play for yourself is minimal. All rooms have chat which can be disabled if you wish.

This Facebook bingo app, loads smoothly without any stalling. Game play is equally as reliable which mean you have a hassle free experience when you play at 123 Bingo.

123 Bingo Review – Game Objective and Features

Object of the Game

The lobby will present you with a choice of bingo rooms and the Red room is where new players begin. To play in the Green room at 123 Bingo you will need to have progressed to level 2 and there are full instructions on how to progress to this room on a drop down.

Ticket prices, game type and number of players are all displayed here as you would expect. When you enter the room simply click on the cards you wish to buy and click buy. Alternatively, 123 Bingo offers other ways to purchase your cards with the Quick Buy option. The pattern that you need to cover is clearly displayed on the top right and games options is located above to help you personalise how you want to play. As with many Facebook bingo apps, simply cover the required pattern first and click on the ‘BINGO’ button to the left of your cards to win the game prize indicated below where the pattern required to win is displayed.

Special Features

There are no special features available at 123 Bingo that will help you achieve bingo any quicker or easier, but chat hosts are available all day providing fun chat games to play which is something that is hard to find with most Facebook bingo apps. In fact, the chat rooms at 123 Bingo are very much like those you would find on a pay to play site which again, is not something often found with Facebook bingo apps.


123 Bingo does not offer any active tournaments at present, but as with most other Facebook bingo apps, you are able to invite your Facebook friends along to play with you.


Rewards are simple at 123 Bingo and sometimes this is by far the best way for it to be. Having lots of different kinds of rewards that do different things but not having any idea how to use them can sometimes be frustrating but this isn’t totally the case with 123 Bingo. You have simple credits to play bingo and win them from bingo too. You will also earn free bingo credits when you play 123 Bingo each day but if you have less than 1,000 of unused credit left at the end of the day, they will not be carried forward to the following day. You also the chance to win a Progressive Jackpot too which could really boost the time you can spend playing this Facebook bingo app.

However, one area that does let this Facebook bingo app down a little is the reference to points and credits. It is very confusing as to what each means and it appears they points and credits are possibly be the same thing. When you actually visit the Bingo Shop this area becomes even more confusing. It is advisable to read the earn credits section fully as although not very clear, a full explanation on how to use credit points is given here. Also not that some rules are different depending on whether you are playing in the Red or Green Room.

123 Bingo Review – Game In Play

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