Bejeweled Bingo Power Ups

Buying six tickets on Bejeweled Bingo automatically ensures that when the 90 ball bingo game has ended you are in with a chance of earning free tickets playing the bonus round at Jackpot Joy. The more points you earn, the more free bingo cards you will have for the next Bejewelled Bingo game and here we look at the different power ups available in the game. These power ups will all help to increase your score.

As you will know the idea of the Bejeweled Bingo bonus game is to match 3 adjacent coloured gems, doing this removes the gems making the others fall into their places. This can lead to multiple points but the power ups guarantee higher scores in this great game.

Here are the power ups and how to get them on Bejeweled Bingo:

Bejeweled Multiplier Multiplier Gem

The multiplier gem appears at random and will increase your score when it is part of a clearance line by the number shown on the gem. The lowest multiplier gem is x2 but can go infinitely higher the more of these mutliplier gems you remove in the Bejeweled Bingo bonus game.

Bejeweled Flame Flame Gem

Flame gems are earned in Bejeweled Bingo when you complete a line of four adjacent gems. Once activated again by matching 3 or more adjacent gems with the flame gem then multiple gems will be removed surrounding the flame.

Bejeweled Star Star Gems

Star gems are created when adjacent gems form a ‘T’ or ‘L’ pattern. When you activate a star gem with 2 or more adjacent colours then either the full horizontal or full vertical line that the star gem is on will be removed.

Bejeweled Hypercube HyperCube

When playing the Bejewelled Bingo game a hypercube is formed when you complete a line of at least 5 gems or the same colour. Using a hypercube is done by simply swapping with another gem. This will then remove all the gems of that colour from the grid

It is not always advisable to use the special power ups in the Bejeweled Bingo bonus game. Sometimes is makes more sense to leave them until the end of the game when all of the special gems and any hypercubes will be removed thus adding even more points to your score.

Bejewelled Bingo bonus game

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