Bejeweled Bingo Free Tickets

As well as the chance to win real cash prizes playing Bejeweled Bingo you can also win free tickets on each and every bonus game that you enter into at sites like Jackpot Joy. As we have said throughout all of the pages here, the more points that you manage to score in the Bejeweled Bingo bonus game, the more free tickets you will have for the next bingo game.

You must have bought at least six tickets in the 90 ball bingo game in order to have the option to play the Bejeweled Bingo bonus game. The choice is yours and all players who meet the qualifying requirements, in our opinion, should take part. Not only do players earn free tickets for their own individual scores but these are then added together and more free tickets are awarded for the community score as well.

Free Tickets on Bejeweled Bingo

Below is an example of scoring and the free tickets that can be earned when playing the Bejeweled Bingo bonus game:

Individual Scores

  • Score 20,000 – 1 free ticket for the next Bejeweled Bingo game
  • 50,000 – 2 free tickets
  • 100,000 – 3 free tickets
  • 200,000 – 4 free tickets
  • 400,000 – 6 free tickets

Community Bejeweled Bingo Scores

  • Score 440,000 – 1 free ticket for every player in the next Bejeweled Bingo game
  • 1,100,000 – 2 free tickets
  • 2,200,000 – 3 free tickets
  • 4,400,000 – 4 free tickets
  • 8,800,000 – 6 free tickets

As you can see, it’s well worth participating in the bonus round of Bejeweled Bingo! May the Hypercubes be with you!

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