Bejeweled Bingo

Bejeweled bingo launched online in August 2010 and was instantly a hit with online bingo players everywhere. Jackpot Joy and Gamesys (their software provider) took the original concept from Pop Cap and bought Bejeweled Bingo to the masses at Jackpot Joy.

Facebook fans compete against their friends to have the highest score possible on the application available on the social networking site and now bingo players have the same opportunity with Bejeweled Bingo. With power ups, speed bonuses and much more, Bejeweled brings out the competetive side in all online players. Bringing the game to internet bingo is not only innovative but a great way to attract new players and maintain the interest of already registered players.

Every player who buys at least six tickets in the Bejeweled Bingo game at Jackpot Joy is instantly eligible to play the bonus round when the normal 90 ball bingo game is over. There are two chances to win free tickets in the bonus round of Bejeweled Bingo; scoring as many points as possible is the main objective. You will then earn free tickets for your individual score and then more for your ‘community total’.

Bejeweled Bingo is fantastic game that players will love; great graphics and the chance to win real cash prizes and free tickets make this a game that will have players coming back for more! Throw in the chance to score higher than your fellow bingo rooms and you have, what we believe to be, an instant success story on your hands with Bejeweled Bingo!


Bejewelled Bingo game

How To Play Bejeweled Bingo

Playing Bejeweled Bingo

When you first enter the Bejeweled Bingo room you are forgiven for believing that this is just another online bingo game. The Bejeweled fun doesn’t start until the 90 ball bingo game is over….

Power Ups

When you hit the Bejeweled Bingo bonus round it is worth knowing that there are a number of power ups that can help to increase your score thus earning you even more free tickets……

Free Bejeweled Bingo

The higher your core in the Bejeweled Bingo bonus round the more free tickets you can accumulate for the next game. Both individual and community scores count for free tickets…..

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